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Hey peoples.And ducks.

Just had to mention the ducks.

I hope you don't think i'm so 'full of it' for creating a wiki based on MYSELF,but yeah this is what i did.

Gotta tell it all. Some facts about me(just for the freak that says i'm allergic to dairy.need to get the facts straight and stated)

1)I live in New Providence,Bahamas. 2)I am a Bahamian.(which kinda shoulda been hinted from the first one) 3)I LOVE dairy. 4)I like cute drawings of pigs.Moo.Oops. 5)I love the following Adventure Time Regular Show iCarly Big Time Rush(Kendall,you are so cute) And pretty much any thing that's on Disney. Now notice,I said DISNEY,not PLAYHOUSE DISNEY. How stupid do they think little kids are?????? 6)Imagination Movers.(look,i know what i said before but this is an exception 'cuz Rich is so awesome.) 7)Icecream. 8)Going on the internet. 9)Soda.Candy.You know,that kind of stuff. 10)Musicals. 11)Music. 12)God.And i LOVE HIM.Dunno if i'm a cristian yet,but i'll know one day.

Allright.It's time for....the basic facts. I was born May 12,1998. I am 12 years old.

I am crazy.And so is my life.Whether it's my 8 foot tall IMAGINARY FRIEND Steve babbling about his issues or me singing that 13 the musical line "....I wanna kill my mom..."and my mom totally freaking out,i came to the realization that my life sucks.

The saying sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me is a lie,because people beat me with words all the time.

I have a crush.I'll kinda describe this one as the relationship between Jimmy-two shoes and Heloweise.

It reminds me of us....

My friend's a flirt. I can't live without music.And i think Marceline the Vampire queen rules cuz she reminds me of me.

Well that's what it's about....Half of it. Say what you wanna say on my talk page,comment,just,go nuts.

I wish i had a peanut right now....

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